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Snake Games

The classic game known only as "snake" was first released way back in the 1970's and soon was available in all the gaming arcades across Japan, coming to America soon after. It received lots of praise (and money) and became a classic video game for the masses, although never reached the same heights as games like Pacman, Tetris, or Space Invaders. This is understandable, as its a very simple game which needed to be expanded upon and improved.

Snake was a Pioneer

Lets keep in mind snake was somewhat of a pioneer in the gamers industry, because If you look back to that era, there really weren't many games available to play. Tetris and Pacman both came years later, and snake was out there even before pong. The game has made its comeback after becoming the standard game on Nokia phones just before the year 2000. Because cell phone games are casual and never too complicated, it was the perfect candidate. Something for people to stay entertained while using their cell, as its clearly better then ringtones.

How to Play Snake

You control this little creature who looks like a very simple snake, basically he is a line, and he roams around gathering food. Each time you eat, the snake becomes a little bigger. If you hit the walls surrounding him (or other obstacles) its game over. This is the challenge, because as you progress further and further in this classic game, it becomes harder to stay alive and continue playing.. You cannot stop the snake from moving, even for a second. Its that factor which makes it so wild and unpredictable. In my mind, the creation of 3d snake has taken it many steps further, and we'll take a look at that game briefly.

One question I get asked alot is, so "who made the snake game?" You may not know this, but It was originally titled worm, and was programmed by named Mr Trefonas, using very simple technology. There was nobody dedicated to graphics and sound, he created it solo. You'll notice throughout history anytime somebody creates something catchy enough, It tends to catch on, snake was picked up and many developers started developing their own versions of the snake games for the arcades, hoping kids would play, be entertained, and buy the game.

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